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A dedicated, career-oriented, community-active group of individuals that support and service the building industry. Formed as a networking group, the growth of our group is based on each individual member’s ability to refer clientele as well as other like-minded professionals within the building industry. By joining CRG you are extending your professional reach within the Denver Metro area and Front Range of Colorado, allowing their businesses to grow in untapped markets.

Our Mission

Networking with industry peers to become a more powerful resource to your clients and your business. Offer clients your expertise as well as provide the expertise of other CRG members. The purpose of the Construction Resource Group (CRG) is to establish a select group of qualified business professionals who wish to cooperate for the sole purpose of helping each other succeed in business through the exchange of business referrals, marketplace information, leadership training and organized builder events.

Get what you give

Sharing industry news and referrals is the purpose of meetings and the underlying purpose of CRG. Membership obligations include attendance of monthly meetings and passing along referrals. At each meeting, two group members give presentations showcasing who they are and what they do. Meetings are a time for members to get acquainted as well as share information about new developments. Other events might include Builder Happy Hours, Distinguished Speakers, and other business building activities. The more involved you become, the more likely you’ll benefit from referrals.


1. Connect to hundreds of possible clients outside your current reach.
2. Rest assured CRG is only accepting the best and the brightest from each of the industry specialties due to the careful consideration and screening involved in new member admittance.
3. Clients will return to you with trust knowing you can point them in the right direction regardless of their needs.

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